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Legal Services

Firm Tax Consulting Krzysztof Jan Majczyk specializes in the beginning of the tax consulting. The core activities of the Office are explanations, tips, reviews and tax audits. Use of tax advisory services enables our customers to keep safe while bold tax policy, provides protection against the claims of tax authorities in the course of business, leads to the creation of tax strategies and their protection during the opening and closing the business and opens up possibilities for safe and tax optimized transformations legal forms of enterprises.

Representation provided by the Office of Tax consists primarily of replacement tax before administrative tax authorities in handling tax audits and tax audits and the preparation of tax appeals the decision of the tax but that does not stop there. To unlawfully restricted the constitutional right to Tax Court contained in Article. 45 paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Polish, The firm provides clients representation in tax judicial review of administrative decisions before the courts, tax tax. W / the proxy is to produce complaints of appeal, instead of the provincial administrative courts, as well as the drafting of complaints and appeals on their then promoting the tax representation before the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw. The tax relief office draw complaints to the Ombudsman and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The advantage of the Office is a comprehensive business registration office personnel in the bodies (courts, administrative bodies and registered), which provides collision-free implementation of tax strategies.

Accounting and tax settlements supported entities are inextricably linked with tax advice, therefore, Tax Consulting Firm Krzysztof Jan Majczyk offers full service business to the extent necessary for the proper accounting for the tax office for business.

Accounting is inextricably linked with support for a wage-HR Office, Tax Consulting Firm, therefore, Krzysztof Jan Majczyk offers a comprehensive service companies also in this regard.

Tax Consultancy Firm Krzysztof Jan Majczyk offers full service business and the settlement with the Department of Social Insurance.

Tax Consultancy Firm Krzysztof Jan Majczyk to ensure that the complexity of legal services to also offers legal services in the field of economic evidence law.

Tax Consultancy Firm Krzysztof Jan Majczyk to ensure that the complexity of legal services to also offers some services in the field of investment law.

Partner constant cooperation with the General Counsel Michael Gruszczyńskim and running in a notary's office Paul Wiater internal acts causing companies that legal cases registered office is to secure, fast and cheap.
In order to facilitate the search for information, which you are interested in, offer Office divided into eight groups of services:

  1. Tax Consultancy
  2. Substitute Tax
  3. Accounting Services
  4. Human Resources and Payroll Services
  5. Settlements with ZUS
  6. Economic Law
  7. Legal Services Investment
  8. Publications
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