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About the Office

Firm Tax Consulting Krzysztof Jan Majczyk runs continuously from 11.09.1995 on Stróża 262 near Myslenice. Since its inception, had a branch office in Krakow, now in the street. Starowislna 83 / 5 Is run by Christopher John Majczyka having a permanent entry at number 02,880 on the list of tax advisers, conducted by the National Chamber of Tax Advisors. Krzysztof Jan Majczyk also has a permanent certificate of service accounts. The owner holds the title of the Chancellery of MSc Finance and Banking obtained on the Department of Economics Cracow University of Economics (1994) and obtained the right way, M.Sc., Faculty of Law at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (1995) In 2000, he completed postgraduate studies in Accounting and Finance Cracow University of Economics. Of 1.10.2009, the Doctorate studies took third degree at the Law Faculty of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Since 2006, a regular contributor to the Office of General Counsel Michael Gruszczyńskiego conducted at the same address.

Firm 'Tax Consulting Krzysztof Jan Majczyk "provides services in the field of tax advice, representation before tax authorities and administrative courts, and provides services in a comprehensive financial services - accounting, personnel matters - and wage settlements with ZUS.

Firm 'Tax Consulting Krzysztof Jan Majczyk "meets the requirements for compulsory insurance against civil liability in accordance with Article. 44 paragraph 1 of the Law on Tax Advisory Services (unified text: Dz. Laws of 2008, No. 73,. 443).

Office staff is composed of several persons team consisting of both the owner and having higher education law and economics, as well as with highly-qualified accountant - design, which has long experience in the accounting of companies and individuals abroad, as well as a trainee, supplementing the higher education law and economics.

Office of the owner is a lawyer involved in all areas of commercial law, in particular for tax advice and accounting. Owner maintained for several years, both the Firm Tax and Accounting Office, including actively occurs before the tax authorities and courts, in addition to many years systematically publish comments tax, accounting and economic WoltersKluwer Poland and other publications of economic law.